DC Audubon’s first ever Big Day May!

How many bird species can you find in a single day in the District of Columbia? Try setting the record!

This May, teams of two or more birders can set out on a 24-hour quest to find as many species as possible, raising awareness of avian diversity in the District and getting some serious bragging rights.

Plan the route you think will yield the most birds, and also avoid traffic.  Do you start in Rock Creek Park or Kenilworth? Will any rarities stick around? Will the weather cooperate? Where will you stop for lunch? All the variables make a Big Day a fun and challenging event.

Please read the event rules below and then register your team. If you want help joining a team, please email dcaudubonsociety@gmail.com and we can try to set you up.  There will be prizes for the team with the most birds seen! Have fun!

DC Audubon Big Day May 2015 Rules

  • The competition is open to all birders, including but not limited to DCAS members; DCAS officers and board members; and non-members.
  • The DCAS Big Day May competition follows the American Birding Association’s Big Day Count rules, except where otherwise specified. ABA Big Day Count rules can be found here: http://www.listing.aba.org/big-day-count-rules/
  • A DCAS Big Day May count must be completed in a single, contiguous 24-hour period from 12 AM to 12 AM between May 1 and May 31, 2015.
  • Identified birds may only be counted if they are present within the boundaries of the District of Columbia. I.e. a bird flying over Virginia seen from DC does not count. Birds in the Potomac are countable to the Virginia shoreline.
  • All teams must register with DC Audubon before competing, and record their sightings on an Official Big Day May Checklist.
  • A team is made up of at least two birders, with no maximum number.
  • At least half the members of a team must identify the bird in order for it to be placed on the team’s list.
  • All team members must bird together.
  • Teams must not use recordings to call birds or induce them to respond. (Teams may, however, use a smart phone app or similar device, played at low volume, to help them identify a bird call that they heard.)
  • Within two weeks after completing its Big Day May outing, a team should submit its list of bird species identified on the Official Big Day May Checklist to the DCAS office, via email or postal service. (Download the checklist in Word | Download the checklist as a PDF)